Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Wish

She is lost she is hurt,
She never wanted let me know it.

The moment I saw in her eyes, 
Her loneliness owned me like a blackhole.

She remains like a mannequin,
but her own heartbeat cheats her quietly.

She is malaise like a wave of sea,

and I am afraid from the touch of it.

I wish to see her smiling again,
To walk out with me in this winter.

I take a step into her silence,

and she wakes up with absolute grace.

Glimpse of her beautiful face,
Defeats the shine of sunset.

Glitter of her precious smile,

Steals the darkness of my life.

and the colour of wind in her hair,
Gives me the feel of magic around her.

The pureness of her soul,
Attracts me like rhythm of music.

May god never stop playing it, may she never wakes up 
May I never open my eyes, may I never leave her hand.

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