Tuesday, April 19, 2016

that Someone....

She stops the time with her vary smile,
Every look of her leaves me amaze.

Her presence holds you like an anchor in thunder,
No reasons, no excuses to distrust her firm.

Wind has given away its colors to her hair,
Her elegant style touches me like a poetry.

It can never be enough of her for me,
All shades of her hidden in her eyes.

She is loud yet she is quiet,
One has to open the door she lives behind.

She is a wild dancer of her thoughts,
Roams like an independent soul in her own world.

You can never bound her, can never free her,
Can just admire her for what she is.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Awakened Soul

Been flying down like a Quill in the dark somewhere,
living in the despair, in the despair of concealed Saviour.

Despite being hurt often, something is left there in me,
something which tickles me to gaze for Utopia.

Not always I have felt vulnerable to the feelings,
but the tiredness of my heartbeats looming on my face,

And I am on constant hunt of a shelter.
all I need is to hide myself into the Ecstasy around.

My bolted soul is knocking hard inside to emerge,
I'm holding it firm as the Demon out is set to embrace it.

I have conquered the dark and know there is no fringe exist,
Smirking now, as I perceived I wasn't the first, I won't be the last.