Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dark Circles that I have

That time I was in love with someone, it was really love because I had sleepless nights in my life. Firstly I had them because I was lost in her love. All the time I had her everywhere in my life just like every lover have and this become a reason of having dark circles under my eyes. Then slowly the reason behind the dark circles starting getting changed though I had all the things but not the love. I had the same sleepless nights but not because I lost in memories of her not because I had another misunderstanding with her but in both the conditions the thing I had with me all the time are the dark circles. These are not much different from the circles I was facing my life to live it. They always makes me remember that there was someone who really never wanted me to have these circles with me but as she is not with me I can’t come up without circles anywhere..

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